First Brethren Church of Sarasota
Our name means family
Phone: (941) 955-9239
Our main international missions emphasis at First Brethren of Sarasota is to the orphanage and church in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. The church is in town and the orphanage is a few miles outside of it, in the Amazon Jungle. We have sent many short-term mission teams to help the orphanage and we provide ongoing financial and organizational support there.
The orphanage: Jesus, mi buen pastor casa hogar
The orphanage in Puerto is led by Italo and Rebecca Abuid. They are currently providing a secure and loving life for six children.
Puerto Maldonado, Peru Brethren Church
This new church, started in 2017, has seen great growth, baptizing 25 in its first six months. Pastor Segundo leads the church.
Other brethren missions
This local church also partners with the national Brethren Church to promote missions around the world. In addition to Puerto Maldonado, Peru, we have Lima, Peru and Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia, India, Philippines and Spain. Click here